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Chestnut Ridge in Cook Township is planning special

Pandemic forces fire departments to continue creative fundraising in 2021

And there are the ones that tried something completely new and were pleasantly surprised at its success, like Lower Burrell Volunteer Fire Company No. 3.

President Mike Ogurchock said in years past, firefighters would toil for days preparing for and then working at an annual weeklong firemen carnival. After splitting the revenue with another city fire station, Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags they typically brought in between $10,000 and $12 high quality designer replica handbags ,000. But social distancing Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags requirements and crowd limits because of the pandemic forced its cancellation in July.

However, another idea a food truck rally proved lucrative.

actually made more money in one day than we did in a week of the carnival, Ogurchock said.

With $14,000 of income from the rally, the department is planning three such events for 2021.

and new ideas has been a tough year for fire departments across the region as their typically crowded fundraisers that bring in thousands of dollars aren allowed, leaving holes in their budgets. Fire departments rely heavily on numerous fundraisers and drives in any given year to keep up with monthly expenses.

They seen lost income from hall rentals or band performances and popular annual events, forcing them to cut back on spending and forgo larger ticket expenses that can wait.

Bradenville Fire Chief Mark Piantine said supporters have been clamoring for tickets to the Derry Township department annual pre Super Bowl party. But there are none to sell.

their time to get out, he said, adding that the department lost $24,000 in a canceled cash high quality replica handbags china bash last year. kills the fire service. lifeline came in the fall in the form of grants from the state Office of the Fire Commissioner. Westmoreland County departments that applied and showed their expenses related to the pandemic were given funding, too. Both sets of grants were through the federal CARES Act, and some money came out of county coffers, Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags but the amounts weren enough to cover all the losses.

Pennsylvania Fire Commissioner Bruce Trego said the annual state grants fire departments get can be used for reimbursement of lost revenue for the next two years because of the strain the pandemic continues to have on fundraising. The cost of maintaining fire equipment and department buildings is large, and with declining membership numbers, the pandemic makes it even more difficult. Trego said he has been pleased to see community members supporting fire departments in new ways.

hat off to those that come up with the novel and new ideas to fundraise, he said.

Many are starting 2021 looking at their regularly planned events, wondering whether gathering limits and other restrictions will be lifted in time.

God for social media Ridge Volunteer Fire Company is replica louis vuitton one of those that have seen success in Facebook Live raffles. They and other departments peddle chances for a variety of popular items, from guns and purses to coolers and gift certificates to local businesses.

actually did really well online, Chief Shawn Kestner replica louis vuitton bags said.

Supporters can send money electronically to the department dolabuy , aaa replica designer handbags and then they are assigned a number or ticket. The person with the winning number gets a prize or cash. In recent days, chances to win Louis Vuitton purses through South Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department page have sold out in minutes. Chestnut Ridge in Cook Township is planning special items leading up to Valentine Day on its page.

The raffles have helped soften a tough blow after fundraising has been a good bit, Kestner said.

God for social media, I guess, he said.

Chestnut Ridge shortened its weeklong carnival fake designer bags to three days and offered mostly takeout food, bringing in about $18,000 compared to $30,000 normally, he said.

wasn bad for what it was, he said.

Youngwood Volunteer Fire Department annual carnival also was pared down, and its gun bash went virtual, said Chief Lloyd Crago. He estimated the department lost about 25% of its normal fundraising in 2020, prompting 1:1 replica handbags a similar decrease in spending. It been a difficult year, one marked by a loss of socializing among firefighters, too, Crago said.

There no hanging out at the replica louis vuitton handbags fire station or having annual banquets.

is the first year we didn have a Firefighter of the Year, he said.

West Deer Volunteer Fire Company No. 3 in Allegheny County diverted the money raised through its letter drive to operating expenses as the cancellation of weekly bingo since March amounts to about $40,000 in losses, said Chief Josh Wiegand.

Just before restrictions went into place 10 months ago, the department had stocked up on everything needed for bingo, he said. They need 70 players a week to break even, and that many can safely fit inside the fire hall.

hall is very small, so it hard to separate people by the guidelines and still make money, he said.

The department got CARES Act grant funding, which was a budget booster, but they still ended up having to spend some of their savings to keep afloat. Wiegand said they going to have to figure out how to survive on about $65 high quality designer replica handbags ,000 generated from a fire tax levied on township taxpayers and $30,000 to $40,000 through the letter drive until restrictions are lifted fake louis bag.

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